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SML Hearing Center offers a wide range of services & uses the latest technology in Video Otoscope.

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluations
Hearing Aid Consultations
Hearing Aid Dispensing & Accessories
Hearing Aid Services & Repair
Hearing Preservation
(Hearing Protection Devices, Shooter’s Ear Plugs)
Customized Musician Ear Plugs & Devices
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Hearing Aids
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SML Hearing Center carries the latest in Hearing Aid Technology.

SML Hearing Center understands hearing loss affects every patient differently. We pride ourselves in listening to your unique challenges and providing a hearing plan for you to get back to your daily activities. SML Hearing Center offers hearing aids with programmable digital technology with advanced noise cancellation in all styles including behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver in the ear (RIE), in-the-ear (ITE), completely in-the-canal (CIC), invisible in-the-canal (IIC) and extended wear hearing aids. We can help you choose the hearing aid that is most appropriate for your specific hearing loss and customize it to your lifestyle and financial situation.

Click the images below for

more information on the brands we offer.

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Hearing Aid


No one should miss out on the "Sounds of Life" because of finances.

SML Hearing Center, in partnership with HealthiPlan, is proud to offer financing options for products and services through our center. An application and approval is required, with flexible payment options.


Complimentary insurance verifications offered upon request. 

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